CACEE Data & Systems Community of Practice - CEWIL Data Dive: Navigating Data Initiatives for Experiential Learning, Co-operative Education & Career Professionals

12:00 PM, Mars 5, 2024

Session Overview

The CACEE Data and Systems Community of Practice (CoP) invites you to attend the Winter virtual roundtable session on March 5th, 2024 - CEWIL Data Dive: Navigating Data Initiatives for Experiential Learning, Co-operative Education & Career Professionals.

Together, we will delve into Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning (CEWIL) Canada's data landscape with the Chair of CEWIL's National Co-op Statistics Database Committee.

This session welcomes professionals of all skill levels, from data experts to novices, to explore:

  • CEWIL Canada's strategic data initiatives and the workings of the National Co-Op Statistics Database
  • the impact of data on co-operative, career and experiential education
  • how data insights shape policies and optimize programs across the country

Whether you're a career educator or a data professional, join us for this interactive session at the intersection of career education and data analytics, offering valuable tools and networking opportunities for all!

Featured Speaker


Amanda Malkiewich (she/her)
Chair, National Co-op Statistics Database Committee | CEWIL
Director of Co-operative Education & Experiential Learning | Mohawk College

About the CACEE Data & Systems CoP

The purpose underpinning the CACEE Data & Systems CoP is to:

  • Inspire: Dive into the world of career data visualization through stunning showcases and success stories from industry experts.
  • Collaborate: For CoP participants to connect with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and embark on exciting projects that push the boundaries of career insights.
  • Network: Forge valuable connections, both locally and globally, with individuals who share our passion for data-driven career development.

The CACEE Data & Systems CoP is led by:

Natasha Tendiono (she/they) 
University of Waterloo | Centre for Career Development, Co-operative & Experiential Education

Sherry Wang (she/her)
University of Southern California

and is administered as a value add to professionals supporting the journey from post-secondary studies to career success by the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE).  The CoP offers participants a CoP  Forum to stay connected throughout the year, a minimum of 2 virtual sessions per year (typically one in the Fall and one in the Winter/Spring), and the opportunity to connect at the CACEE National Conference.  There is no cost to participate.

We look forward to having you participate in the roundtable sessions and the broader CoP throughout the year!

Date, Time, and Logistics

Tuesday, March 5th, 2024
12:00 - 1:00 pm Eastern
via Zoom

Each participant will receive a confirmation e-mail with the link to join the session via Zoom upon registration and again in a reminder e-mail 24 hrs leading up to the event. 


Please do not hesitate to reach out at with any questions, to speak further about this session, or for additional details about the CACEE Data & Systems CoP.