Canada West Regional Advisory Committee

The Canada West Advisory Board represents educators and employers in Western Canada - from Manitoba to British Columbia. The board meets via teleconference four times a year. Topics of discussion include:

  • strengthening ties with regional related organizations;
  • marketing the benefits of CACEE to employers and educators in the region;
  • staying current with emerging trends in on-campus post secondary recruitment;
  • generating ideas for and helping organize professional development events of interest and of value to regional members;
  • developing strategies to meet the needs of our membership

Due to the geographic expanse of our region, professional development events will be delivered in a webinar format.

  • Corine Bell
    Canada West Advisory Board Co-Chair

  • Larry Iles
    Canada West Advisory Board Co-Chair
  • Kathleen Kirkpatrick - Educator

  • Krista Schmidt - Employer

  • Ann Garrett - Educator

  • Jenny Cruickshank - Educator

  • Kelly Fay - Educator

  • Shawn Read - Educator
  • Irene Wallace - Educator

  • Gloria Darroch - Educator

  • Rachel Armstrong - Educator