Employer Membership

Primary $300/Secondary $150

As a campus recruiter, your goal is clear: hire the best and the brightest qualified students. Membership in CACEE will help you meet that goal. Successfully recruiting on campus is a challenge. You need connections. You need to know what other employers are doing. You need to raise awareness among students. You need to know the most effective recruitment techniques. You need CACEE.

For over 55 years, CACEE has provided information, advice and services to students, employers and career services professionals in the areas of student recruitment and career services. We are the experts, here to help you recruit the best for your organization.

How CACEE Meets Your Needs

Find Out What Students Want

Who better to keep you up to speed on what today's students and grads want than CACEE's career educator members

  • Over 300 Career Educator members across Canada
  • Updates & Articles in newsletters & publications
  • Sessions at seminars & conferences
  • Networking opportunities at Regional and National Conferences

Connect to Career Services Professionals

CACEE provides excellent networking opportunities, bringing you in contact with career services professionals, coast to coast

  • Online Discussions
  • Conferences, Workshops & Seminars
  • The online CACEE Membership Directory

Update Your Campus Recruitment Skills

CACEE provides publications and events offering information and training on the latest trends in campus recruitment

  • Online Discussions
  • Bi-Weekly Newsletters featuring best practices and key insights
  • Regional & National Conferences

Liaise with Other Employers

Learn the best practices of other employers through CACEE initiatives & keep informed of the latest developments in campus recruitment and strategic staffing through

  • CACEE contacts
  • Networking Events
  • Staff Support

Keep On Top of New Technology

CACEE members are always on the cutting edge of new technologies in recruitment and our Association provides an excellent opportunity to learn and share this information

  • Updates on CACEE's website
  • Innovative Exhibitors at Networking Events
  • Professional Development Events & Institutes

Maintain Ethical Practices

A membership with CACEE indicates to students, career educators and other employers that you have made a commitment to fair and ethical recruitment

Promote Your Organization

CACEE provides the opportunity to enhance your reputation and support your campus recruitment efforts

  • Attend career fairs listed on the CACEE website
  • Sponsor CACEE events & conferences
  • Network with CACEE members

Who Should Join?

  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Employment Consultants
  • Staffing Coordinators
  • Front-line Recruiters
  • Employee Relations
  • Managers/Coordinators
  • On-campus Representatives
  • Anyone Involved in Campus Recruitment and Strategic Staffing

If you need to be "in the know" when it comes to recruitment practices and strategies, CACEE is the professional association to keep you informed!