Educator Membership

Primary $300/Secondary $150

As a career services professional, you want to have the most current Canadian information and resources to help your students succeed in their career planning. You want to connect with employers to ensure the best opportunities for your students. You want to save time by keeping abreast of the best practices of others career centers. You want to be able to meet your goals and help your career center grow professionally. You want membership in CACEE.

For over 55 years, CACEE has provided information, advice and services to students, employers and career services professionals in the areas of student recruitment and career services. We are the experts, here to help you recruit the best for your students and grads.

How CACEE Meets Your Needs

Connect With Employers

CACEE provides you with opportunities to meet employers and keep current on the qualities today's recruiters seek in their student and grad hires.

  • Networking opportunities at Conferences, Seminars, and PD Events
  • Online discussions
  • The online CACEE Membership Directory
  • The CACEE Research Series

Receive Student Career Planning Information

Help your students help themselves in their job search by providing them with the resources available


CACEE provides you access to an array of resources to help you help your students in their career search efforts

Maintain Ethical Practices

A membership with CACEE indicates to students, career educators and other employers that you have made a commitment to fair and ethical recruitment

Professional Development

Getting involved in CACEE allows you to contribute to the development of the services and resources available to you and your colleagues

Who Should Join?

  • Directors of Career Centres
  • Career Workshop Facilitators
  • Career Counsellors
  • Cooperative Education & Internship Coordinators
  • Front-line Career Services Staff
  • New Career Services Professionals

If you need to be "in the know" when it comes to the workplace, job searching and career planning issues, CACEE is the professional association to keep you informed!