Our Vision


To be Canada's leading authority on the post-secondary school to career transition.

Mission Statement:

To advance and support on-campus recruitment and career education by providing: leadership, information, resources and a professional network for:

  • Career Educators - to prepare post-secondary students for a successful transition into their careers;
  • Employers - to attract, recruit and retain the right talent on-campus;

Value Proposition:

CACEE is Canada's national network connecting career educators and employers. Through the sharing of collective knowledge and experience, CACEE members are empowered to succeed in meeting their respective workforce and career development objectives.


CACEE members have identified the following values as the core principles within which CACEE operates:

  • Bilingualism
  • Equality
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Professional Development
  • Volunteerism


  1. To advance Canadian post-secondary recruitment through appropriate and meaningful collaborative partnerships.
  2. To provide value added resources and services.
  3. To represent college and university career centres and employers that recruit on-campus.
  4. To ensure the availability of accurate and up-to-date resources and research, including benchmarks.
  5. To provide meaningful professional development opportunities in a variety of formats and venues.
  6. To engage in open communication and dialogue.
  7. To secure the future of the organization through prudent and effective management


To view the CACEE By-laws please click here.