Regional Advisory Boards

CACEE's Regional Advisory Boards officially represent CACEE in their regions and represent the broad range of in their region when making decisions. Each Regional Advisory Board meets a minimum of four times annually; in person or by conference call. Regional Advisory Board members are elected, or may be appointed, for a two-year term. Members participate in at least one portfolio role or subcommittee of the Regional Advisory Board or act as a regional representative to a National Board Committee. Their hard work ensures the flow of information both from the Regions to the National Board and from the National Board to the Regions.

The rewards for members active on CACEE's Regional Advisory Boards include:

  • Excellent networking opportunities with colleagues across Canada
  • Opportunity to demonstrate leadership and demonstrate new skills
  • Volunteer recognition at the national level for years of service and/or special contributions
  • Increased visibility, at the national level, for the member and his/her organization
  • An opportunity to contribute to the accomplishments and growth of CACEE.

CACEE's Regional Advisory Board include: