CACEE Membership

CACEE offers an annual membership which begins on January 1 and expires on December 31 of every calendar year.  Although membership is individual, CACEE memberships may be transferred to another individual within that company if the member leaves their position within that company.

There are four types of membership:

1. Full Membership

Primary $300/Secondary $150

Career Services Professionals (Educators)

Individuals primarily engaged in, responsible for, or concerned with the development or delivery of strategies for career services (placement, counselling, co-operative, education, internship, etc.) who are employed by educational institutions, the federal or the provincial government.
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Individuals who are primarily responsible for and interested in recruitment and/or employment of post-secondary students or graduates for their organizations, or who are designated as the representatives of their organizations and whose organizations have establishments and conduct business in Canada.
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A Full Member (Affiliate) is an individual contributing to one of the following organizations/institutions:

(a) institutions that do not provide products or services to the CACEE membership base, but do contribute to the school to career transition (full membership, $300, with voting rights);
(b) Executive officers, board chairs or designated representatives of Associations with whom CACEE has established a reciprocal relationship (Free, non-voting).

2. Individual Membership: $300

An Individual Member is a person who is seeking to contribute to the aims and mission of CACEE, wishes to be a member for non-commercial purposes, and does not meet the requirements of Full Membership in an existing membership category. Application for Individual Membership is subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

The qualifications and benefits for Individual Membership are as follows:

  • Welcome to volunteer on CACEE’s various committees, work groups, or regional advisory boards.
  • Individual membership will be eligible to receive the following member benefits:
    • CACEE Exchange, the Association’s weekly electronic newsletter
    • Full access to the Members-Only resources found at, including the Membership Directory and the Discussion Forum.
  • Individual Members are required to pay annual membership fees as determined by the Board.

3. Student Membership: $50

This membership is available to individuals currently pursuing studies in career services/counselling or human resources/ staffing; but only if the academic institution attended has a career centre staff with a membership(s) in CACEE.

Once a membership application and payment have been received, that membership is submitted to the National Board of Directors for approval. All new memberships are subject to approval.
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4. Associate Membership:

Primary $375/Secondary $187.50

Associate Members are defined as a business or individual that provides services or products that support the Association's Full Members (Educator and Employer) in their respective professions.
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5. E-Membership: $79

E-Memberships are available to international delegates only.
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