Student Membership: $50

Student Membership is available to individuals currently pursuing studies in career services/counselling or human resources/staffing if the student's university/college career centre maintains a membership in CACEE. Student members must be sponsored by an educator or employer member of CACEE via a reference letter/e-mail confirming student status.  Applicants for student membership must also submit a completed Eligibility Form. Students are not eligible to vote, nominate or hold office.  Membership is valid for 12 months beginning the first day of the month the membership fee is paid.  If students wish to continue their membership beyond 12 months, they must re-apply each year following the above guidelines.

Student members receive the following benefits: access to the online CACEE membership, online discussions, bi-weekly newsletter, eligibility to attend and receive discounts on professional development events and institutes (except workshops restricted to employer and educator members).

Cost for a Student Membership: $50