Awards and Recognition

CACEE values and honours its volunteers and innovators through a longstanding Awards and Recognition program. Awards are presented every year at our National Conference when many of our members are in attendance so that together we can celebrate the achievements of our peers.

The nominations period for the 2023 CACEE Awards is now open until November 6th. 2023..  You can celebrate innovation, creativity, and excellence in our space by submitting a nomination.

If you have questions about the awards or the nominations process (we promise, it's smooth and easy!), check out the Awards Guide and FAQ.   

Awards Nominated by the Membership

Award of Merit (Moe Ktytor Award) 

This award is intended to recognize an exemplary contribution to CACEE. The contribution or accomplishment must be specific and definable. It may constitute one single act or a number of cumulative activities over several years. Consider the following when nominating; has the individual made an identifiable, exemplary contribution, which has had a positive impact on the Association? 


  • CACEE member in good standing  
  • This award is nominated by the membership of CACEE; self-nomination is not permitted.

Outstanding Achievement 

This award is designed to grant high-profile recognition for a major, definable contribution made to the fields of career planning and/or recruitment. The recipients may be individuals, organizations, institutions, or public sector agencies/ministries. 
In selecting a recipient for the Outstanding Achievement Award, the following should be considered: 

  • Does the nature of the contribution directly relate to the area of endeavor for which the Association exists? 
  • Is it a major and definable contribution on a regional or national level, which has achieved proven results? 
  • Is a strong sense of dedication to the fundamental principles of fostering services to support the career planning and recruitment field demonstrated through the contribution? 
  • Has the contribution improved quality, efficiency and/or cost effectiveness? 
  • Can the contribution be replicated or adapted at other organizations? 
  • Is the contribution creative and does it extend the current knowledge base? 
  • Does the contribution have relevance to the changing field of career planning and recruitment? 


  • Members and non-members of CACEE. While recipients need not be members of, or affiliated with, CACEE they may have implemented their achievement through the facilities or under the auspices, of the Association. In such cases, it must be stressed that the award results from a contribution to the field(s), and not to CACEE. 
  • This award is nominated by the membership of CACEE; self-nomination is not permitted. 

Excellence in Innovation Award 

The CACEE Excellence in Innovation Award celebrates individuals, teams, projects, and initiatives in the following areas:

Leadership Development

Recognizes programs to develop leadership experience and/or skills in post-secondary students or recent graduates. Entries will be judged on: Program need/objectives, design and implementation, skills/competencies development, measured outcomes, ease of replication. 

Student Engagement

Recognizes the best information, program, or resource directed to students. Information must be offered to the students free of charge. Entries will be judged on: Program need/objectives, design, creativity, innovation, measured outcomes, ease of replication. 


Recognizes exceptional diversity initiatives or programs that are targeted to engage diverse populations; best practice for outreach programs, develop a diverse candidate pool; or enhance retention level of diverse population. Entries will be judged on: Program need/objectives, clean clear description, innovation, success of project meeting objectives, measured outcomes, ease of replication. 


Recognizes social networking or other technology programs designed to engage various audiences in the use of technology in the career services or recruitment of college graduates. Entries will be judged on: Program need/objectives, relevance to target market, design and effective use of use of medium, creativity, access to information, measured outcomes, ease of replication. 

Campus Recruitment Strategy & Employer Branding 

Recognizes high degrees of creativity, student engagement, and impact in the building of employer brand in the campus recruitment space. A stand along initiative, program, or comprehensive strategy can be nominated for this category. 


  • CACEE member in good standing  
  • This award is nominated by the membership of CACEE; self-nomination is also permitted.  

Rob Shea Research Award 

 CACEE presents an award for significant research in the areas of career practice (counselling, education, planning, advising, coaching, etc.) and school-to-work transition (recruitment, retention, corporate career development, human resource education, etc.) for which CACEE advances on behalf of its membership. 

 “Significant research” may include but not be limited to research on the twin themes of: 

  • Career practice (counselling, education, planning, advising, coaching, etc.) 
  • School-to-work transition (recruitment, retention, corporate career development, human resource education) for which CACEE advances on behalf of its membership. 

While the award(s) will recognize the recipient’s contribution to research of value to CACEE and the wider field of career development within Canada. Two awards of $500 each may be awarded each year.  
Recipient will be invited to present the research findings at the CACEE national conference. 

  • Award winners must be from institutions that have at least one employee as a member with CACEE. 
  • Research must be original, well written, in English or French, incorporate the themes noted above, and be of high quality. 

Evaluation Criteria 

  • The adjudication criteria will include the following: 
  • The research may utilize a number of methodologies/data collection techniques. 
  • Research may span a period of year or a single study. 
  • The research contributes to the understanding and/or enhancement of Canadian post-secondary career education and transition 
    to employment. 
  • Analysis of data is appropriate. 
  • Conclusions, implications, or recommendations follow logically and reasonably from the research findings. 
  • The research is well-organized and clearly written 


The research paper may be submitted along with the nomination form in PDF format to 

Awards Nominated by the CACEE Volunteers

These awards are chosen by: the Board of Directors, Regional Advisory Boards, and the Conference Steering Committee.