Rob Shea Research Award

Overview of the Award -

CACEE presents an award for significant research in the areas of career practice (counselling, education, planning, advising, coaching, etc.) and school-to-work transition (recruitment, retention, corporate career development, human resource education, etc.) for which CACEE advances on behalf of its membership. 

 “Significant research” may include but not be limited to research on the twin themes of: 

  • Career practice (counselling, education, planning, advising, coaching, etc.) 
  • School-to-work transition (recruitment, retention, corporate career development, human resource education) for which CACEE advances on behalf of its membership. 

While the award(s) will recognize the recipient’s contribution to research of value to CACEE and the wider field of career development within Canada. Two awards of $500 each may be awarded each year.  
Recipients will also be invited to present the research findings to the CACEE community. 

Eligibility -

  • Award winners must be from organizations that have at least one employee as a member with CACEE. 
  • Research must be original, well written, in English or French, incorporate the themes noted above, and be of high quality. 
  • Although intended as an annual award, there is no obligation or commitment by the Member Engagement & Awards Committee to make a selection each year.

Evaluation Criteria - 

The adjudication criteria will include the following: 

  • The research may utilize a number of methodologies/data collection techniques. 
  • Research may span a period of years or a single study. 
  • The research contributes to the understanding and/or enhancement of Canadian post-secondary career education and transition 
    to employment. 
  • Analysis of data is appropriate. 
  • Conclusions, implications, or recommendations follow logically and reasonably from the research findings. 
  • The research is well-organized and well written.

Application & Award Presentation - 

A call for awards nominations is issued by CACEE annually. The research paper may be submitted along with the CACEE awards nomination form in PDF format to in advance of the close of award nominations.

The award(s) will:

  • be presented at the CACEE National Conference.
  • Include an invitation to present the research findings to the CACEE community.
  • Provide an opportunity for the researcher to have the article included in a future issue of the Canadian Journal of Career Development/Revue canadienne de developpement de carriere.

Previous Award Winners -

A full list of the previous recipients of the Rob Shea Research Award can be viewed here.

Questions -

Questions and requests for additional information about the Rob Shea Research Award may be directed to