Ontario Regional Advisory Board

On behalf of CACEE, welcome to Ontario, the province that one in three Canadians are proud to call home.

Ontario is a magnet for industry, the arts and science. The population is made up of many cultural backgrounds each of which adds to the appeal of this vibrant province.

Ontario's industries are as diverse as its people. Ontario contributes about 40 per cent of Canada's total employment and has relatively high employment in manufacturing and the financial and business sectors. As well, the agriculture, forestry, mining and tourism sectors provide a significant level of employment across the province.

We invite all of our Ontario members to connect with any member of the Ontario Board if you have questions or concerns that you'd like brought to the table. As well, we encourage members to become involved with your Association by volunteering for a CACEE committee. Your participation is instrumental in shaping and strengthening CACEE's future.

Chair: Brooke Campbell, Enterprise Mobility