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Top 4 Tips for Maximizing and Thriving in the Fall Campus Recruiting Season

by CACEE, posted on September 12, 2019

CACEE Members – we know that the next few weeks are going to be full!  But, we are also hoping that they are rewarding, exciting, and fruitful!

There are a few things you can do to help make the most of the recruiting season ahead:

# 1 – Embrace the Busy!

As Career Educators and Campus Recruiters, we plan for and anticipate this particularly ‘busy season’ all year round.  Take in all the energy and buzz in the air.  Make a to-do list using the platform or medium that works for you to help organize your thoughts and tasks – and, take extreme pleasure in crossing off the items as they are completed! And, know you are not alone.  100s of your CACEE colleagues are also in the thick of it.  Reach out to one another, be inspired or reenergized at one of CACEE’s upcoming offerings, share stories, and relish in the connections we are making to support students to take the next steps on their career paths!

#2 – Be Good to Yourself.

Stay hydrated.  Plan for and ACTUALLY take breaks!  Eat smart.  Treat yourself.  And, be sure to rest as much as you can.  You will be no good to anyone – especially students – if you are not taking care of yourself.  Tending to your well-being will only help to ensure you are on top of your game this season!

#3 – Test a Hypothesis, Try Something New!

We encourage students to be bold and brave!  Model this in your work too!!  What new element can you infuse into your programming?  Maybe an idea was sparked at this year’s National Conference in Halifax! Is there something you have been wanting to try?  How will you take your events and programming to the next level this year? Small and sustainable changes or enhancements can ensure your programming is having maximum impact and resonating with students!  Of course, your CACEE network may have some great ideas and best practices to share - reach out to a colleague to talk about or collaborate on your ideas!

#4 – Have Fun!

Engaging students as they are building their career fluency and preparing for the transition from school to work is a privilege!  You are playing a vital role in shaping the future of work – why not have some fun with it along the way?! Be present and infuse a little creativity and humour into the conversations, learning, and experiences that you will have in these coming weeks. And, maybe even schedule a few ‘funteruptions’ with colleagues.  

Here’s to a wonderful kick off to the Fall Campus Recruiting season!