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CACEE Announces 2023-24 National Board, Regional Advisory Board, and Committee Appointments

by Trevor Buttrum, posted on March 30, 2023

The CACEE Elections Committee issued a call earlier this year for nominations to the CACEE National Board of Directors alongside applications to serve on Regional Advisory Boards and Committees.

CACEE volunteers are at the heart of our vibrant professional community!  They contribute to the:

  • strategic and operational oversight of the association
  • cultivation of connection and learning in each CACEE region and across the country
  • vital work and programming that brings the association to life and create an optimal member experience

The Elections Committee is pleased to announce the appointment of the following members of the CACEE community to:

CACEE National Board of Directors -

Jamie Noakes
Director - Educator
Thompson Rivers University

Susan Sinclair
Director - Employer
S.I Systems

Catherine Stace*
Director - Educator
McGill University

National Board Members are appointed to a 2-year term

* reappointment to the board

Regional Advisory Boards -

Jordan Cukier

Jessi Guercio
Canada West
University of British Columbia | Faculty of Applied Science

Pirom Houth
George Brown College

Andrea Spevak
Canada West
University of Alberta

CACEE Committees -

Susan Ajersch
CACEE Certificate Programs
McGill University

Noah Arney
CACEE Competencies Committee
Thompson Rivers University

Allison Benner
CACEE Competencies
University of Victoria

Griffith Dias
Member Engagement & Awards

Lisa Keenan
Finance | National Conference
McMaster University | Faculty of Engineering

Barb Kojder
Member Engagement & Awards
Douglas College

Misa Zhang
Member Engagement & Awards | National Conference
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Regional Advisory Board and CACEE Committee Members are appointed to a 1-year term.  Congratulations to all! CACEE is being made all the better with the contribution of your skills, knowledge, and expertise!