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Introducing the 2023-24 CACEE National Board of Directors

by Trevor Buttrum, posted on June 22, 2023

On June 13th, 2023 CACEE hosted its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and a fantastic panel on "Emerging Technologies in the World of Campus Recruitment and Career Education".

The AGM also provided the opportunity to welcome the incoming board for 2023-24. The CACEE National Board of Directors provides strategic and operational oversight of the association.

Directors and Officers of CACEE are established leaders in career education and campus recruitment from across the country, and are committed to making our community the best it can be.

CACEE Executive Director, Trevor Buttrum, noted "It is wonderful to have the opportunity to learn, create, and lead alongside such an amazing group of professionals in our work together to drive our professional community forward".

Serving on the 2023-24 CACEE National Board of Directors are:


Frances Humphreys | Wilfrid Laurier University

Erin Marsden | CACEE
Past President

Alice Michaud | Conestoga College
Director, Programming

Brooke Campbell | Enterprise Holdings
Director and Chair Ontario Regional Advisory Board

Carmen Burke | Saint Mary's University
Director and Chair Atlantic Regional Advisory Board

Catherine Stace
 | Max Bell School of Public Policy - McGill University
Director, Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Christine Barnett | Simon Fraser University
Director, Member Engagement & Awards

Danielle Jackson | Memorial University - Career Development Office
Director, Member Engagement & Awards

Jamie Noakes | Thompson Rivers University - Career and Experiential Learning Department

Nayelli Perez
Director, CACEE Competencies

Nikki Simone | BMO
Director, Programming

Susan Sinclair | S.i. Systems

Valerie Ndiweni | School of Continuing Studies (SCS) - McGill University
Director, Marketing & Communications

In her remarks at the AGM, Frances Humphreys, 2023-24 President of the CACEE National Board of Directors, shared that "last year (2022-23) had been a year of focusing on leveraging CACEE's strengths, investing in our future, and growth for the association", she went on to add that she "...looks forward to continuing this evolutionary journey in 2023-24!"

Please join in congratulating your CACEE colleagues! And, here's to a wonderful 2023-24 programming year!!