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CACEE’s New Blog Feature

posted on April 15, 2015

Welcome to the CACEE Blog, a new interactive communications channel for CACEE members and friends. This blog is here for the members of our network, or ‘family’ as President Nancy Moulday prefers to think of us – we invite your posts and comments.

With a wealth of channels for the sharing of information, it’s fair to question the value of adding another one, but we have good reason to do so. Contemporary channels are so transitory – 140 characters displaced as quickly as the next message comes up. But is this the right format for content that is meaningful? Can it start an engaging conversation? We didn’t think so. We see a need for a place where we can engage with each other more meaningfully, sharing information that merits a second look, and deeper thought. Since we were redesigning the layout of our website anyway, we decided to add a blog site.

This will be a place where people can share their thoughts, ask questions or announce developments related to their work and/or special projects. We at CACEE will use the blog in the same way. We hope that you will come to consider it an important new channel for the sharing of worthwhile information.

If you want to share something through the blog, the process is quite simple:

  • Forward submissions to

  • Please provide your name, your organization, and your contact coordinates. We won’t publish anything anonymously.

  • Please indicate if you are a CACEE member – members will always get priority.

  • Try to limit yourself to between 250-500 words – longer blog posts can be intimidating!

  • The subject matter is largely up to you – we’ll use a very general rule that says the topic should be related to the work we do.

  • If your post is time sensitive, please let us know when you submit it.

  • We will accept content provided in English and/or French. The blog site exists en Français aussi!

That’s it for now. Happy blogging!

Paul D. Smith

CACEE Executive Director