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Career Developers Praise Budget’s Thorough Measures to Address Pressing Issue of Labour Market Connections

Canadian Council For Career Development
by CACEE , posted on April 4, 2016


March 22nd, 2016, Ottawa—Canada’s career developers are praising the Trudeau government’s first budget for a host of reasons, but most notably for the holistic approach it has taken to addressing labour market issues over both the short and long-term. The Budget’s focus on post-secondary education accessibility and youth employment programs will set youth up for success in the coming years, which is much needed given the demographic challenges faced in developing economies globally.

“Our organization had called for increased investments in the Canada Student Grants Program, support for work-integrated learning opportunities, and additional support for the Youth Employment Strategy, including the Skills Link Program, and the reintroduction of a national youth service program” said Sareena Hopkins, co-executive director of the Canadian Career Development Foundation in Ottawa. “The commitment to establishing an Expert Panel on Youth Employment was a welcome surprise.”
In addition to these long-term and forward-looking investments, the government highlighted urgent needs that are being felt in areas where a softening in the value of resource commodities is hitting employment hard.

“The investments this budget makes in Employment Insurance improvements will create access to important stop-gaps for people in areas where jobs have become harder to come by” said Dave Redekopp, President of Life-Role Development Group Ltd. in Edmonton. “We are very happy to see an additional $125 million in funding for the Labour Market Development Agreements, which will help un- and under-employed Canadians access training and supports like career development services so they can find their way back to stable employment.”

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