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Student Engagement Officer (Arts) - University of British Columbia

This is a Permanent, Full-time position.

Category: Management
Province: Vancouver, British Columbia
Position: Student Engagement Officer (Arts)
Deadline: July 31, 2016
Posted: July 21, 2016

Job Description / Duties

Job Summary
The Student Engagement Officer is responsible for developing, delivering, and evaluating programs and services to support undergraduate student learning and personal and professional development. In collaboration with students and university partners, the Officer supports new students to become successful university learners, who are well prepared to engage in the university community and achieve their personal and career goals. The Officer will develop learning outcomes and objectives, facilitate curricular and co-curricular learning experiences, and advise instructors and departments within the Faculty who are seeking to incorporate peer-supported learning and professional development into curricula and programs. The Officer will advise student groups and organizations and support student leadership broadly, including student-initiated projects.
The Officer will be located within the Centre for Student Involvement & Careers where he/she will consider the Faculty of Arts specific needs and priorities as they align with the UBC community. The Officer may be required to work outside of normal office hours from time to time depending on programming.
Organizational Status
The Officer is supervised by the Manager, Career and Professional Development, serving under the direction of the Director, Centre for Student Involvement and Careers The he/she will work in collaboration with academic and student service departments and programs in the Faculty, student organizations, and individuals within the Vice President, Students portfolio. The Officer will also take on leadership roles in cross-functional team projects within the unit of Centre for Student Involvement & Careers.
The Officer will supervise and train student staff and volunteers, and may supervise professional staff. He/she will assists with training and supervision of new advisors, coordinators and consultants within Centre for Student Involvement & Careers and other student service units within the Faculty of Arts.
Work Performed
Major responsibilities fall into the following areas:
1. Leads the orientation and transition program for new students
- Plans, facilitates, and evaluates the participation of Arts students in the University's first year experience programs, including selection and training of student volunteers
- Develops and manages peer programs to provide learning support to students and facilitate their deep engagement in learning experiences
- Creates and implements the mechanisms for students to participate in, lead and direct programs for students
- Develops pathways that contribute to the establishment of a sustained culture of student leadership and involvement for Arts students
- Fosters and maintains an environment for students to ask questions about and investigate unique learning and service opportunities (e.g., Community-based experiential learning, Alumni involvement, peer-program opportunities)
- Develops the framework, implements, analyzes, and provides recommendations that support the process of checking-in with new students regarding their transition to UBC and academic experience
2. Supports student learning, professional development, and promotes student engagement in career building experiences:
- Helps students plan their participation in experiential learning opportunities and to critically reflect on their learning from these experiences. Guides students to reflect upon and articulate and use insights to form next intentions.
- Fosters student leadership through advising, training, and professional development support for student clubs, organizations, and teams. Contributes to the success and sustainability of student-led initiatives.
- Develops, delivers, and evaluates mentoring initiatives. May include coordination of the Arts Tri-Mentoring cohort, facilitation of events and initiatives that link current students with alumni and community (e.g. career panels, industry nights, professional development workshops, etc.).
- Coaches and educates students, using a wide variety of platforms and approaches, about a variety of personal and professional learning topics, including: choosing a major of study, career exploration, gaining work and volunteer experience, resumes, CVs, job and professional school interviews, networking, professional skills development, mentoring and connecting to the workplace community.
- Develops, implements, and assesses programs and resources that develop graduating student outcomes and attributes as outlined by the Faculty.
- Collaborates with Faculty-based partners to develop and evaluate customized events and programs for students and alumni. This includes planning and designing the program(s), promotion, coordinating faculty or industry participation, and coordinating the involvement of other members of the Centre for Student Involvement and Careers and/or other student affairs staff. These events may include career fairs, speaker series, departmental career/majors-specific events, student leadership development training/programs, web resources, peer mentoring groups, workshops, etc.
- Fosters an inclusive and respectful learning environment where all students have the opportunity to thrive academically, and personally. This includes work with faculty, staff, and students to support distinct populations within the Faculty and to prepare students for success after graduation.
3. Learning and Academic Support for Students
- On faculty request, designs and delivers specialized in-or out-of-class academic skills development workshops tailored to the needs of undergraduate students
- Provides appointments, drop in advising and e-advising on an individual basis to assist undergraduate students in identifying and addressing issues impacting their learning and academic success. Guides students in determining a resolution or course of action and provide follow up as needed.
- In collaboration with University partners, designs, delivers, and evaluates academic coaching programs, including training, supporting and mentoring student leaders.
- Participates in coordinating, managing, designing, and delivering academic support workshops in partnership with the Learning Commons and the Centre for Student Involvement and Careers.
4. Assessment and Evaluation
- Assessment and evaluation of services and processes to support the student experience and student learning.
- Effectively respond to research and assessments by developing information services and programming interventions.
5. General Duties
- Responsibilities as a member of the Forestry Student Services team and the Centre for Student Involvement & Careers team.
- Performs other duties as required.

Qualifications / Required Skills

Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline. Master's Degree preferred. Minimum of four years experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience in program assessment and evaluation. Knowledge of student development theories. Excellent interpersonal skills and cross-cultural sensitivity are needed. Expertise in designing and delivering educational workshops and managing large events. Excellent writing and oral communication skills required. Ability to effectively use appropriate software (e.g., Outlook, MS Word, MS Excel) at an advanced level. Ability to manage the complexity inherent within a multi-faceted work environment focused on broad outcomes for students.

Additional Information

Supervision Received
Working under the general direction of the Manager, Career and Professional Development. The Officer will exercise considerable judgment and innovation in developing and implementing programs and supporting student learning.
Supervision Given
May supervise staff and student employees and volunteers. Will be required to take responsibility for projects that are substantially carried out by others, including faculty, staff, and student volunteers who are not directly supervised by the coordinator. Must work cooperatively with other staff, students and faculty to ensure that common goals are established and achieved.
Consequence of Error/Judgement
Providing incomplete or inaccurate information to students can have a strong adverse impact on UBC's ability to recruit students and on students' ability to achieve their academic goals.
Poor management of staff or volunteers may lead to inefficiency, discontent or grievances. Inability to work cooperatively with students, staff, and faculty will jeopardize the effective provision of services to students.

Salary: $58,543.00 - $84,336.00 (Annual)

Contact Information

Please submit a resume and cover letter by July 31, 2016 at UBC e-Recruit The full role description is posted on the site. UBC provides competitive salaries, health benefits, pension plan, and professional development opportunities. Review "What we Offer" on the Career site for further details.

Employer Profile

The University of British Columbia, one of the world's best universities, is known for its academic excellence, top caliber students, and international reputation for excellence in advanced research and learning. The Centre for Student Involvement and Careers is a hub that facilitates and enhances student learning through career building enriched educational experiences. Through orientation and peer mentoring, the Centre supports new students to become successful university learners, prepared to achieve their personal and career goals. It is a central point for all graduate and undergraduate students and employers on the UBC Vancouver campus to meet, connect, network and build relationships; as well as to research and explore career options. The Centre provides students with access and connection to workplace learning, mentoring, volunteer and leadership opportunities; and offers career and employment-related services to students, academic departments, employers, parents, and alumni.