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CEC Registration Now Open!

CACEE Career Educator Certificate Program
by CACEE Admin, posted on September 19, 2016
CACEE is pleased to provide this professional development program which awards a Career Educator Certificate to participants upon completion. The goal of the program is to provide participants with an introduction to the Career Educator role within the Canadian post-secondary context as a means to enhancing their professional development and opportunities within the field.

Upon the completion of this certificate, participants will have:

  • An understanding of the diverse roles of career educators and how each contributes to the career development  of students
  • An awareness of the role of career development programs and services within the institutional context
  • An appreciation of  what constitutes  comprehensive and effective service delivery
  • Exposure to the tools and resources that contribute to one’s professional expertise

The Career Educator Certificate Program consists of five Modules.  In Fall 2016, they will be delivered as follows:

  1. Overview to Career Education - October 19 - Click the link to register!
  2. Career Coaching and Counselling - November 1 - Click the link to register!
  3. Career Resources - November 23 - Click the link to register!
  4. Employer Relations and Recruitment - November 29 -Click the link to register!
  5. Programs and Delivery - December 7 - Click the link to register!

Timing and Format

The Career Educator Certificate Modules are offered in webinar format and are all 1.5 hours in duration (12:00-1:30pm EST).

The Modules are offered twice a year, in the fall and spring.

Certificate Cost: 

CACEE Member | $69 per Module
CACEE Non-Member | $99 per Module

*CACEE is pleased to extend the membership rate for our Career Educator Certificate modules to any employee of a post-secondary institution at which a CACEE member is registered and in good standing.  Contact the office at membership@cacee.com to take advantage of this promotion.