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CACEE 2018 National Conference Attendees

by CACEE Admin, posted on June 6, 2018

Brock University, Co-op, Career & Experiential Team who attended CACEE for the first and second time, From left to right; Danielle Rapanaro, Catharine Brigantino, Jason Peng, Venessa Magny & Kristen Wall

“This was my first CACEE Conference I have attended. I really appreciated the opportunity to connect with colleagues across the country to hear about their successes and discuss common challenges as well as connect with my team from Brock on our learnings and takeaways. I thoroughly enjoyed all Keynote speakers and breakout sessions. Google and Oktoberfest were also highlights.” – Danielle Rapanaro, Career Development Consultant, Co-op, Career & Experiential Brock University, 1st CACEE National Conference

“This was my first time attending the CACEE National Conference. I enjoyed being exposed to a broad range of perspectives in career education and it was a wonderful opportunity for learning and sharing.” – Catherine Brigantino, Experimental Education Coordinator, Co-op, Career & Experiential Education, 1st CACEE Conference

“This was my first CACEE Conference. What stuck out to me was how many career educators there were from all over Canada. We’re all so focused on the day-to-day checklists within the bubble of our own institutions, but it’s great to be reminded of the “big picture” at an event like this, where we share common experiences, strategize on improvements, and brainstorm solutions to our problems. The keynotes and breakout sessions from educators and employers alike highlighted something that is intuitive on paper, but can get lost in the busy-ness. It’s surprising easy to lose sight of the very simple fact that employers want to hire students, and students want to be employed.”  – Jason Peng, Employer Development Manager, Co-op Education, Co-op, Career & Experiential Education, Brock University 1st CACEE National Conference

“As someone new to the field, the CACEE Conference was a great way to connect with other Career Educators across Canada. The opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from experienced professionals allowed me to come back to Brock with ideas I can implement right away to help our students succeed.” – Kristen Wall, Career Consultant, Goodman School of Business 1st CACEE National Conference

“What I really enjoyed about the CACEE National Conference 2018 was that many of the topics were addressing future changes that are going to impact students, the career education industry, the workforce and employers. Some topics that I found most impactful were the re-building of indigenous relationships across campuses, the rise of technology such as AI in historically people centric industries (supply chain and banking) and tips on supporting our students navigating the changing workforce such as a generation shift and rise of the freelance economy. I have many great takeaways and I look forward to sharing them with my team.” – Venessa Magny, Employer Development Manager, Goodman School of Business, Co-op, Career & Experiential Brock University 2nd CACEE National Conference


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