CACEE West Career Conversation Series

12:00 PM Sep 24 - 1:00 PM Nov 26, 2021

Starting September 2021, join the CACEE West Committee on the last Friday of each month during their new Career Conversations series. Committee members will lead these informal sessions, addressing a question or topic of interest through meaningful and respectful conversation. As well, you’ll have a chance to share and hear the latest news and updates from other CACEE members. Stay connected with your peers!

Fall 2021 Dates: Fridays – September 24, October 29, and November 26 from 12 to 1 p.m. PST

No cost for CACEE members & $20 for non-members.


September 24 | Committee Hosts: Larry Iles & Barb Kojder

Back on campus. What’s that like now?

Now that most of us are back working from our campus locations, what have you had to adjust? Has your work life returned to the pre-pandemic routine you were familiar with, or has your style of student engagement shifted? Are you offering your services in-person, virtually or in hybrid format to your students? What is one thing you started during the pandemic that you will keep, and what is one thing started during the pandemic that you will drop?

Join today's session and find out who's doing what, what's working (or not!), and what's in the pipeline to be tried next.


October 29 | Committee Hosts: Richard Myers & Logan Lorenz

Tracking our Alumni: Is Career Services in the data business?

Have you ever been asked by a student “What can I do with my degree”? Or by a faculty member "Do you know where our alumni are working"?

How does your career service team try to answer these questions? Is part of your practice to discuss where alumni have found success in the labour market? Has your institution any data collection resources that help?

Join Logan and Richard in a discussion of this important area in our scope of practice. We want this to be an organic conversation between colleagues, no PowerPoint slides!


November 26 | Session Hosts: Irene Wallace & Ann Garrett

Debriefing the CACEE 2021 National Conference

It’s been two weeks since our CACEE National Conference. What were your top two takeaways and what are your strategies to implement these at your institution? Even if you didn’t attend the conference this session is still for you. Hear about what colleagues across the country are doing and how they are implementing their learnings from the National conference sessions.