Call for Nominations for the 2024 - 25 CACEE National Board of Directors

Being a member of the CACEE National Board of Directors is a wonderful and meaningful way of giving back to the association. Service on the board identifies you as a leader in our field and provides an opportunity to shape both the present and the future for the CACEE community.

A Call for Nominations is issued each January for the CACEE National Board of Directors. For the 2024-25 CACEE National Board of Directors nominations will close at 5:00 PM Eastern on February 29th, 2024. 

For 2024-2025, we welcome nominations of individuals to serve in the following roles:

  • President Elect
  • Director Educator 
  • Director Employer
  • Director Affiliate

*Note* Self-Nomination is Permitted

Terms of Office

Terms of office for Directors (including Treasurer/Director Finance) on the CACEE National Board are two (2) years and are open to Educator, Employer, and Affiliate members.

The role of President Elect has a three (3) year progressive term with one year being served as President Elect, President, and Past President respectively.

Deadline for Nominations and Additional Information

The deadline for nominations for the 2024-25 CACEE National Board of Directors is 3:00 PM Eastern on February 29th, 2024

The Nominations and Elections Guide outlines the roles and responsibilities involved in being a member of the CACEE National Board of Directors, characteristics associated with a great board member, and the nominations and elections process in more detail.

Next Steps

Should an election with a vote from the membership be required to determine the 2024-25 CACEE National Board of Directors, it will take place in early March.  Stay tuned!

A full slate of the incoming CACEE National Board of Directors will be presented to the membership later in March.


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Elections Committee and the CACEE National Office at We are here and happy to share additional insights and support the nominations process in any way we can! 


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