Coffee Chat Series

Register for the upcoming Coffee Chats, an hour-long conference call that provides Career Services professionals the opportunity to meet, connect and collaborate on a regular basis. Each Coffee Chat will have a hot topic moderated by a member of the CACEE Canada West Regional Advisory Board. However, each chat will also include an open forum to ask questions on any topic.

Date: Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Title: Pulling Together: Sourcing insight and support from within the Canadian Career Community

Description: Very often great advice comes from others, in the same way, new methods to inspire and support your work could come from a source outside of your team. In this coffee chat Richard and Barb are going to share suggestions to widen the scope of sharing ideas between career centers. Richard Myers will discuss a career center twinning concept.

Facilitated by: Richard Myers (UVIC) and Barb Kojder (Douglas College)

Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Title: Connecting students with people who care(er): Career influencers in post-secondary education

Description: This coffee chat explores the phenomenon of Career Influencers, a concept Dr. Candy Ho uncovered through her doctoral research. Numerous studies have found that students are likely to seek career help from those they trust within their personal network, such as professors, academic advisors, and volunteer managers, before considering a visit to their campus career centre…if they do so at all. These Career Influencers often informally provide career advice, guidance, and counselling without career development background and training.

Helping Career Influencers realize their pivotal role and impact in our students’ lives could be the key to truly helping them long-term while promoting the importance of lifelong, continual career development for everyone. The session engages participants in a dialogue on identifying professionals serving as Career Influencers at their institutions, and devising ways to engage these professionals in promoting career education/resources.

Facilitated by: Dr. Candy Ho (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)

Date: Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Title: Career service supports for Indigenous students

Description: Diversity is an increasing reality for life/career practitioners. We, as educators, must create an environment of hope for all people, including those who don’t relate well to the typical mainstream approaches which often time, includes our Indigenous students. Gray Poehnell will provide us with ideas for our toolkits as we need to continually expand our awareness of language, tools, processes, strategies and concepts. We must strive for a mastery that is able to adapt them as necessary for diverse peoples.

Gray Poehnell is an experienced life/career consultant with over 30 years experience approaching life/career with holistic approaches that cultivate hope, practical spirituality, creativity, imagination, and integrity. Gray is widely recognized for his dynamic training of life/career practitioners both nationally and internationally. Gray is of Metis descent and has been developing life/career approaches and tools that reflect values, such as spirituality, community, and life balance. Through books, workshops, conference sessions, and keynotes, he has presented the Hope-Filled Engagement approach to several thousand life/career practitioners, who work with indigenous peoples and other client groups that benefit from a more holistic approach, such as Indigenous peoples, peoples with disabilities, youth, social assistance recipients, older adults, immigrants, corrections inmates, and even professionals. Gray was the 2012 recipient of the Stu Conger Award for Leadership in Career Counselling and Career Development for his visionary leadership, exemplary achievement, and inspired dedication to the advancement of excellence in career development in Canada.

Facilitated by: Irene Wallace and Anne Garrett

Date: Wednesday, June 17, 2020 *NEW DATE*

Title: How Employers are using Google Searches for Candidate Selection

Facilitated by: Larry Iles and (Employer TBA)

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