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Have you submitted nominations for the CACEE Awards yet?

by Maddy Marchildon, posted on February 3, 2012
CACEE is a volunteer driven association and recognizing the outstanding efforts that our members have made in order to benefit the CACEE membership is vital to our continued success. The deadline to submit the nominations is Friday, February 17, 2012. Please submit your nominations via the nomination formon the CACEE website.
Visit http://www.cacee.com/Award_Nomination_Form.html to submit a nomination!

We are accepting nominations for the following awards:

Award of Merit (Moe Ktytor Award): This award is intended to recognize an exemplary contribution to CACEE.  The contribution or accomplishment must be specific and definable.  It may constitute one single act or a number of cumulative activities over several years.

Life Membership: The Life Membership is intended for the purpose of enabling singularly deserving long-standing members to continue their affiliation with CACEE when that affiliation is due to be severed, usually as a result of retirement.

Outstanding Achievement (Member and Non-member): This award is designed to grant high profile recognition for a major, definable contribution made to the fields of career planning and/or recruitment.  The recipients may be individuals, organizations, institutions, or public sector agencies/ministries.

Regional Recognition Award: This award is intended to recognize volunteer contributions to the association through activities at a regional level.  It may constitute one single act or a number of cumulative activities over several years. 
New Member Recognition Award: Rewards professionalism and leadership to an active volunteer early on in his/her affiliation with CACEE.

Corporate Recognition Award and Educational Institution Recognition Award: Recognizes one company and one educational institution annually that has shown exemplary support and contribution to CACEE at a national level.

Please visit http://www.cacee.com/awards.html to read more about the criteria and description of the awards above.
Other awards now open for nominations:

Rob Shea Research Award:

CACEE presents an award for significant research in the areas of career practice (counselling, education, planning, advising, coaching, etc.) and school-to-work transition (recruitment, retention, corporate career development, human resource education) for which CACEE advances on behalf of its membership. The award(s) will recognize the recipient’s contribution to research of value to CACEE and the wider field of career development within Canada, and the recipient will receive a cash value of $500. The recipient will also have the opportunity to have their article included in a future issue of the Canadian Journal of Career Development/Revue canadienne de developpement de carriere. For more information on this award, visit the CACEE website here.

Excellence in Innovation:

The award recognizes the following areas. Visit the CACEE website here to read more. 
• Leadership Development: Recognizes programs to develop leadership experience and/or skills in post-secondary students or recent graduates.
• Student Engagement: Recognizes the best information, program, or resource directed to students.
• Diversity: Recognizes exceptional diversity initiatives or programs that are targeted to engage diverse populations; best practice for outreach programs, develop a diverse candidate pool; or enhance retention level of diverse population.
• Technology: Recognizes web 2.0 or social networking, or other technology programs designed to engage various audiences in the use of technology in the career services or recruitment of college graduates.
Need some advice on nominating someone? The CACEE Awards and Recognition Committee is here to help you! Please contact any one of the committee members.

Please feel free to contact the CACEE National Office (membership@cacee.com or 416-929-5156 x 223) if you have any questions.